Railroad Real Estate Consulting, llc
Navigation of railroad real estate transactions
What we do
  • Advise short line operators on improvements to real estate, trackage and utility occupation documents and negotiations
  • Manage projects for larger railroads who either don't want to hire additional staff or require additional expertise
  • Research titles, maps and documents for non-railroads, title companies and government agencies
  • Facilitate re-use of discontinued rail corridors for trail, transportation and other uses
Services for Railroad Owners and Operators
  • Many short line railroads don’t have the personnel or expertise to negotiate real estate agreements that protect their interests, limit and their risk, and importantly provide the proper return on value.    We can help make their real estate transactions safer, less restrictive on future operations and obtain the appropriate fees for the use and occupation of railroad properties.

  • Many Class II and even Class I railroads don’t have the staff to manage complex and lengthy real estate transactions such as highway, waterway and other public infrastructure projects.

    Strangely, public agencies often won’t increase their offers in relation to the amount of resources that a railroad may need to expend to negotiate and draft a proposal, but they will reimburse for consulting fees.    Through the use of service agreements, we can manage these projects at a lower cost to the railroads thus freeing up their staff to manage other more time sensitive work and increasing their net benefit from the transaction.  There is an additional benefit in that these projects often take several years to negotiate and implement.   I can provide continuity to the projects in scenarios where a railroad’s own staff may be more transient between its departments.

Services for Non-railroads

  • Railroad real estate title, maps, documents and history are complex and not well understood outside of the railroad industry.    Many non-railroad parties get frustrated trying to understand and decipher the language and history of railroad transaction.   The abandonment of railroad service has key impacts to the title and use of property and most non-railroad parties, and even many railroads, don’t understand how to find the information that they need, or understanding the information that they may already had.  We can be a guide toward understanding these materials.
  • Discontinued railroad corridors present a rare opportunity to add infrastructure that can augment the livability, functionality and economic value of communities through the creation of trails, parks and utility or transportation corridors.    We can facilitate discussions concerning these types of transaction to ensure that communities understand the process and the language of railroad real estate transactions.

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